Caring for Your Hair Extensions

Virgin hair is the purest hair available and because they are made from natural human hair, they would benefit from the usual treatments that you give your own hair.

Because they do not absorb nutrients from the scalp, it is important that they are washed and conditioned regularly to maintain healthy-looking hair. Regular moisturising is essential to ensure you keep your extensions looking healthy and lush. To maximise results, we recommended you follow these few simple steps to ensure your hair retains its silkiness, smoothness and shine.

Washing your virgin hair

Wash your hair extensions regularly with warm to hot water and a good quality shampoo to remove unwanted grease and dust particles that it may have picked up from the air. Conditioning your hair is a must. Use a good quality conditioner to keep your new hair soft, healthy and shiny.

Comb through with a big toothcomb to avoid damage.

Installing your hair

Use a good hair dresser who you trust and who is experienced in installing virgin hair. Please note that when having your extensions installed, the wefts/tracks must not be cut as this may result in shedding and may damage the hair.

Heat processing your new hair

Your new hair can withstand the heat from most heat styling products in the market. Conditioning your hair will provide some protection during blow drying, straightening and curling.

You could also use a good heat protection product which contains glycerin and/or propylene glycol in order to reduce damage.

For best outcome, after washing and conditioning your hair, allow it to dry naturally before using any heat styling tools.

Colouring your hair

The hair extensions are all natural and therefore come in their natural colours, which tend to vary from off black, colour 1b to dark brown colour2. The hair is natural and can therefore withstand dyeing. If you want to change your hair colour, you can achieve excellent results by following these steps.

  1. Choose a good quality hair dye brand
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions and use a timer
  3. Wash it out properly
  4. Used a good conditioner to keep the hair from drying out

When treated with good care, your hair extensions should last you up to a few years and can be re-used whilst maintaining its healthy-looking, vibrant and elegant appearance.